Sap Sago Cheese, 3 oz. cone


Product of Switzerland.

Sap Sago Cheese is a 100% natural cheese with a deliciously distinctive flavor. The hard, low-fat, pungent grating cheese has a history that dates back to 1463 from the mountains of Canton Glarus in Switzerland. Also known as Swiss Schabziger®, this unique cheese is still manufactured with the same recipe from a thousand years ago.

It uses skimmed cow's milk mixed with aromatic blue fenugreek, which makes it so healthy and gives it its characteristic aroma and attractive green herb color.

Very hard and gritty, it melts like Parmesan when heated. Aged over 150 days.

Suggested pairing: a full bodied Cabernet or an ice cold lager

Ingredients: skimmed cows' milk, salt, blue fenugreek (clover). 

NET WT 3 oz.

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