Manchego by Artequeso, Aged 10 month


by Artequeso. Product of Spain.

Manchego is a Spanish cheese made from sheep's milk. Aged for a minimum of 10 month.

This remarkable cheese has been made in La Mancha since the time of the Romans. However, it is now produced in large, modern co-operatives and the milk is frequently pasteurized, but this has not markedly altered the flavor.

To qualify for the famous Manchego label, the cheese must be firm and dry, yet rich and creamy. Only sheep’s milk from La Mancha may be used. The distinctive pattern on the waxed rind - originally the result of encircling the curd with a plaited (braided) band of esparto grass - must be visible. The color of the wax denotes the age of the cheese. 

Suggested wine pairing: Tempranillo or Rioja

Ingredients: raw sheep's milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme (from egg white), lactic ferments.

Approximately 6 lb wheel.

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