Drunken Goat - Wine Washed Goat Cheese


by Mitica. Product of Spain.

Wine washed goat's milk cheese.

Queso de Murcia is pure white, with innumerable small holes. The texture is spongy and the cheese is subtly flavored with rosemary and tarragon, balanced by a refreshing acidity. The fresh cheese has been made in the same way for centuries, but because it has a short shelf life and doesn’t travel well, the local government decided to create a cured or aged local cheese that would keep well and have a wider appeal outside the region and abroad. The result was Queso de Murcia al Vino, a delicious and highly successful cheese, made by washing the cheese in the local red wine. The naturally porous rind takes on a deep burgundy color and the cheese absorbs the fruity, slightly spicy flavor and aroma of the wine.

Ingredients: pasteurized goat's milk, salt, hardener (calcium chloride), rennet, cheese cultures, preservatives: lysozyme (from egg), natamycin (only on rind), red wine (only on rind).

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