German Pumpernickel Bread, 17.6 oz


by Landsberg. Product of Germany.

Pumpernickel bread is made by coarsely ground rye, and typically is characterized by a dark color and slightly sweet flavor.  

Originating in Westphalia, Germany in the 15th century, whole rye pumpernickel bread was initially a meal savored mostly by farmers, but presently it is widely popular and many even consider it a delicacy.  

Made of rye flour and baked for up to 24 hours, the bread has a dark brown, almost black color. There is very little crust and it is traditionally sliced thin. This dense hearty bread is slightly sweet and sour in taste.

It can be served instead of crackers with cheese, or topped with vegetable spreads, cheese spreads, patés, cured meats and smoked fish. 

Ingredients: whole rye meal, water, whole rye flour, sugarbeet-syrup, salt, barley malt extract, yeast.

NET WT 17.6 oz (500 gr)

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