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We've curated a collection of over 150 different cheeses from around the world - French, Spanish, Italian, American, English, German, Swiss, Dutch, Croatian, and more. In our cheese collection you will find aged and soft cheeses, cheddars, gouda, and small production cheeses made from cow’s, goat’s, sheep’s, or even buffalo milk.

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Cheese plate - Cured and Cultivated
Cheese and Charcuterie Paso Robles - Cured and Cultivated

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Charcuterie | noun | French for cured/cooked meat

In our charcuterie collection you will find cured meats and salami from a wide variety of international locations. We specialize in delicious charcuterie made in the traditional styles of Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Hungary, and Switzerland.

For local customers, allow us to create a stunning charcuterie board for you! Our intricate boards are an elaborate, eye catching feast!

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