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Cheese is a diary product that has been produced around the world for centuries. Over a thousand types of cheese exist and are currently produced – wrinkled and moldy, smooth and crumbly, yellow, orange, white or even green – they all come from the same raw material – milk. Cheese comes in different shapes and sizes while flavors and textures range from sublime to extraordinary.

In our cheese collection you will find cheddar, gouda, derby, aged and soft cheeses, cheeses made from cow’s, goat’s, sheep’s, or even buffalo milk. We carry French, Spanish, Italian, American, English, German, Swiss, Dutch and other cheeses from around the globe.

Whether you are looking for your favorite cheese or you are in pursuit of a new cheese adventure for your next charcuterie board, welcome to our online deli! Bon appetit!

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Cheese and Charcuterie - Cured and Cultivated
Cheese and Charcuterie Paso Robles - Cured and Cultivated

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The French word Charcuterie translates to English as cured/cooked meat. Nowadays, we use this term in regard to a board filled with cheeses, cured meats and salami, olives, cornichons, nuts, fresh and dried fruit, mustard and other essentials.

In our charcuterie collection you will find cured meats and salami from around the world - Hungarian, German, Eastern-European, Italian, Spanish, Swiss, and of course American.

If you don’t have time, we can make a charcuterie board for you! Our charcuterie boards and cheese platters are an elaborate, eye catching combination of domestic and international artisanal cheeses and a variety of cured meats and salamis. All our boards are decorated with herbs and flowers. Bon appetit!

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