We are happy to welcome “Old Chatham Creamery” to our delicious cheese family

Old Chatham Creamery is a New York Company founded by Tom and Nancy Clark back in 1993 located in the rolling hills of Hudson Valley. Prior to their opening, sheep dairies were exceedingly rare in the United States, Tom and Nancy decided to trail-blaze the way for many other sheep dairies to come. They originally served their local area and New York City restaurants with only two products, Hudson Valley Camembert and Plain Sheep Yogurt.

In 2012, Dr. Dave Galton, a professor emeritus of Cornell University, began supplying Old Chatham Creamery with sheep milk. Dave taught dairy science for over 33 years and had extensive engagement with dairy farms on both a national and international level, this gave him the experience needed to tackle the difficult task which is sheep and goat farming. In the Fall of 2014, after expressing immense interest in the artisanal work of the creamery, Dave and his wife Sally acquired the operation.

They then set up a state-of-the-art creamery just a short drive from both the family-owned sheep and goat dairy and cow dairy. All of the animals are fed with a high-quality combination of locally sourced hay and grains.

With a team of 30 team members and quickly growing, Old Chatham Creamery has 4 lead cheesemakers, some with international cheesemaking experience, 2 head yogurt makers, and many other amazing team members that make the products come to life.

These cheeses are labors of love, with taste and health benefits which is the objective in every stage of their processes. They always pay close attention to each detail, so you can spend every moment in savory bliss.

All of Old Chatham Creamery’s animals are fed with all natural and non-GMO hay and grains. Their ingredients are always natural and non-GMO. They use only local dairy from their farms and animals. Unlike many competitors their farm and creamery are completely family owned and operated. They strive to prioritize their employee health and customer’s health and satisfaction.

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