Kasekrainer by Continental, 15 oz


by Continental Gourmet Sausage. Product of USA.

Käsekrainer is a quintessential Austrian gourmet delicacy, a type of sausage filled with small chunks of cheese. It is usually prepared with pork or a mixture of pork, beef, and a variety of spices, while the cheese used for the filling is typically Swiss Emmental.

Once stuffed, the plump sausages are lightly smoked over applewood, giving this meat specialty a distinctive smoky aroma and flavor. The name of the sausage combines two words - käse and krainer - the first being the German word for cheese, while the latter refers to Krainer sausage.

These cheese-filled sausages are most commonly grilled to crispy perfection, although they can also be fried, baked, or boiled. Cooking instructions: grill, fry , or boil to internal temperature of 165 F. 

Ingredients: pork, water, emmenthaler cheese (cow's milk, cheese cultures, enzymes, salt) beef, salt, spices, nonfat dry milk, dextrose, sodium phosphate, onion powder, celery powder, paprika, garlic, sodium nitrate, sodium erythrobate

 NET WT 15 oz.

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