Mustard Seed Salami by Piller's


by Piller’s Black Kassel. Product of Canada.

Piller's Mustard Seed Salami is a German style salami made with finely ground pork, and seasoned with mustard seeds, garlic, and white pepper. It is slightly smoky, a tad bit garlicky and has a pleasant, buttery texture. This salami melts in your mouth!

The founders of Piller’s Black Kassel have been making dry-aged meat products in North America for over 60 years. The Black Kassel recipes and traditions were passed down over many generations in Europe and the traditions are continued today in North America. The legendary, distinctive taste of Black Kassel meats celebrates a centuries old desire to craft quality meats that are the center of any table.


Ingredients: Pork, beef, salt, mustard seeds, glucono delta lactone, dextrose, corn syrup solids, spices and spice extracts, sugar, sodium ascorbate, lactic acid starter culture, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, smoke.

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