Appenzeller Extra Black Label


by Gourmino. Product of Switzerland. 

Appenzeller is made from raw, robust milk and then aged for 6 months. Cheesemakers wash the wheels with a secret brine recipe comprised of herbs, wine, cider, blossoms and other ingredients. The cheese is firm and dense, yet retains a certain suppleness. A few small holes are scattered throughout the pale yellow interior. 

Appenzeller is one of the oldest cheeses, dating back to the Medieval times of Charlemagne. The quality and character are protected by rules similar to those operated by the AOC system in France. The cheese is at its best when made in mountain chalets from cows grazing in the lush summer meadows of the Appenzell and St Gallen region of Switzerland.

At first, the taste is buttery with slightly fruity undertones. As it matures, the flavor becomes fuller and more complex reminiscent of hot toast with notes of nuttiness, herbal spice, clover, and black tea.

Ingredients: raw cow's milk, rennet, cheese cultures.

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