You deserve butter! From Europe

Life is butter with butter! Seriously, who doesn't love butter? Here at Cured and Cultivated, we have the particular opinion that European butter is far superior to what you typically find in your neighborhood American grocery store. No offense, Land O' Lakes!

It's not just us though that holds this view. European butter is higher in fat than the average American variety – about 82 percent is the minimum across the pond, as opposed to the 80 percent required in the U.S. It is also cultured, a process whereby live active cultures are added to the cream before the butter is churned.

We think our customers deserve butter! So let us tell you a little more about our favorite butters from the EU. 

Without question, France is famous for its cheese; so it is no surprise that the same delicious milk can be churred into breathtakingly sumptuous butter. Beurre D’Isigny is the perfect it example! It gets all its flavor from Isigny milk, which is naturally rich in nutrients and a “grand cru” of the dairy world! Beurre d'Isigny, (pronounced BUR dez-e-nee) has been produced since the 1930s and it is a favorite of chefs worldwide as this butter is both silky and supple.

Another French crémier is Beillevaire. Founded by Pascal Beillevaire, who was born and raised on his parents’ dairy farm in the Marais Vendéen, an area renowned for its idyllic, wild grasslands. This butter is made in the most traditional method, using raw milk still warm from local farms which is then matured into cream and churned in wooden churns. This age old process gives Beillevaire (pronounced Bey-You-Ver) butter its special, unique taste. It's almost like eating creamy-salty candy!

Moving on to Denmark, Lurpak is our family’s butter of choice at home! Truly, our toddler picks it up off her toast to savor on its own. This butter has a slightly aromatic note with the unmistakable creaminess. The brand's Salted Butter variety earned the "Best of Class Butter" award at the 2022 World Champion Cheese Contest. 

And lastly in Italy, we have Delitia. This spectacular butter is fragrant and delicate. It has 83% butter fat and you can taste it! This is the result of combining the creams and milks from family-run farms in Parma and Reggio Emilia — Italy's most iconic cheese destinations. 

Whether you use any of these Euro butters for cooking, baking, slathering on bread or just eating it plain like our kiddos, you'll discover just how amazing they are! You BUTTER believe it!

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