Best Thanksgiving Cheese and Charcuterie

November has arrived and now we are done with ghosts, ghouls, piles of candy, and other terrifying things. It is time to think of Thanksgiving Day - and dinner, the most central part of it!

Food has always been at the core of the celebration and one of the main things which pilgrims were thankful for. At Cured and Cultivated, we aren't going to completely dethrone the turkey and other traditional foods but rather expand horizons of our Thanksgiving feast with our curated selection of cheeses, charcuterie, and other delicacies that perfectly fit the festive narrative. Ready to gobble it all up? 

  1. First things first, cranberries! But what if instead of cranberry sauce, you go for a cheese dotted with the scarlet berries such as Wensleydale with cranberries! Creamy with an open texture, Wensleydale is one of the oldest cheese varieties in England as monks were first known to be making Wensleydale in the 11th century. Wensleydale has a natural sweet acidity that complements fruit, best of all cranberries. Adding plump cranberries to the cheese creates a wonderful sweet and juicy flavor that compliments the cheese's natural acidity. The flavor is locked in using a distinctive burgundy wax. 
  2. Toma Truffle by Point Reyes. For me, truffles should be at the heart of a hearty meal and this cheese has got it all -  creaminess with delicious earthy flavors, a hint of cocoa, and a grassy tang finish. Pleasant smooth texture which is perfect for snacking before the dinner with a glass of your favorite light-bodied red wine.
  3. Why it is always turkey who pays the feathered sacrifice? Let's add a duck to Thanksgiving coop! Duck Prosciutto by Angels Salumi & Truffles will be a great addition for your Thanksgiving charcuterie board. It has extremely juicy texture derived from light cloud of noble fat and insidious touch of black pepper smashed over ruby red goodness.
  4. Brillat Savarin Affine by Lincet. Luxurious triple cream cheese made by Fromagerie Lincet in Saligny, France. Its flavor is milky, and meadow-sweet with a lemony tanginess. 
  5. Happy Thanksgiving Cheese Board. On this board we combined 5 different cheeses which suit Thanksgiving Table.
  6. Lingonberries by Orkla Foods. in my humble opinion, Lingonberries are cranberries with a twist. It is a true Swedish delicacy. This jam is traditionally used with many dishes, from pancakes to meats, and the Swedes simply love it with their meatballs and mashed potatoes. Pairs well with Thanksgiving Turkey.
  7. Pickled Wild Forest Mushrooms by Vavel. Streight from Poland forest, those marinated mushrooms go especially well with mashed potatoes and turkey.
  8. Bellavitano Merlot cheese by Sartori. The Bellavitano Cheese has unique creamy and rich, yet crunchy and granular texture. It has incompatible taste somewhere on the edge of an aged, premium Cheddar and Parmesan. This Bellavitano is bathed in Merlot wine.

    Created by the master cheesemakers at Sartori in Plymouth, Wisconsin, who use time-honored techniques and the highest quality milk.

  9. Quicke's Devonshire RedThe Quicke family has been farming in Newton St Cyres for 450 years, even before pilgrims arrive to the Promised Land of America. Devonshire Red is a traditional English farmhouse cheese, it has a firm body and a close, flaky texture; the flavor is delicately sweet with hints of a moist cellar and autumn. There is the merest hint of green-grass bitterness behind the more distinct butterscotch and nut flavors. 

  10. Rosmarino Oven Roasted Ham by Citterio. This, all natural, oven roasted ham brings with it lovely aroma of rosemary and can be served cold or warm.

Now, we all set for a a great meal with those who we treasure most. I know, Thanksgiving Day is not about the food but rather about reflection and being grateful. Yet, it's always nice to reflect behind a well served table. 

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