Best Cheese and Charcuterie for Halloween Board

Halloween is around the corner so let's prepare for the celebration! In this blog post I gathered top 10 products for your next Halloween Charcuterie Board. My list includes some items which were around forever such as blood sausages, Mimolette, Quicke's Clothboud Cheddar. On the other hand, there are some interesting recently developed cheeses like Black Lemon or Lavender Pesto purple Gouda which fit idea of Halloween perfectly. So let's go!

1. Top position of my Halloween Cheese and Charcuterie list goes to Amanti Black Lemon Gouda.

This is a double cream gouda with addition of cleansing charcoal and lemon. Texture is smooth and taste is refreshing due to citrusy notes. It is inspired by oriental cuisine and for sure can be a gem of your next charcuterie board. It pairs well with bright white wines.

2. Mimolette by Isigni. 

Mimolette is a semi-hard cow’s milk cheese with a distinct bright orange hue and spherical shape. It is pleasantly mild for an aged cheese, with a slightly fruity and nutty finish. Is it aged for 12 months.
This cheese originated in Holland and was introduced into France when Flanders was part of that country. Basically, it is matured Edam that is allowed to ripen for around six to nine months, by which time it becomes so hard and brittle that pieces have to be chiseled off in granite-like chunks.

The bright, deep tangerine color of the cheese is due to the natural dye, annatto. Perfect bright cheese for Halloween Board.

3. Third position goes to Rustic Bakery Spooky Cookies - ghost shaped vanilla cookies with perfect crunch.

4. Sage Derby Cheese.

A smooth, creamy Derby cheese marbled with a delicate Sage infusion. 
In the seventeenth century, the custom of adding sage (a herb valued at the time for its health-giving properties) to Derby cheese was begun. As the cheese aged, the savor of the herb was gradually incorporated. 
Sage Derby ripens in one to three month and has a fat content of 45 percent.

5. Blood Sausage. 

Blood sausage have been produced for centuries. I understand that it sounds pretty disgusting for majority of Americans. Believe it or not, it is pretty tasty with onions and mustard on a piece of rye bread. Alternatively, you can use it to scare trick-or-treaters away.

6 Pesto Lavender Gouda.

This beautiful semi-soft lavender gouda is creamy with a floral burst, notes of rosemary and anise, is sure to please a more sophisticated group looking for some powerful earthy notes and a gorgeous unique color sprinkled with dried herbs. 

7. Quicke's Devonshire Red.

Very distinct cheese, and for me personally, it smells like November.
Devonshire Red is a clothbound cheese with vibrant Autumn color. Similar to cheddar in texture, its memorable bright orange-red color comes from the addition of a vegetable dye called annatto. There is the merest hint of green-grass bitterness behind the more distinct butterscotch and nut flavors.
The Quicke family has been farming in Newton St Cyres for 450 years; the dairy sits on 1500 acres of stunning Devon countryside, where 330 cows provide the rich milk for their cheeses.

8. Reypenaer VSOP Aged Gouda.

Reypenaer VSOP is an aged gouda from Woerden, Holland. Rich flavor with aromas of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel and deep golden color. For me, this type of gouda is like comfort food - warming and nourishing. 

9. Ararat Young Walnut Preserve.

Well, nuts don't usually come to American mind when we think about jams and preserves. Yet there is long story of making preserves from whole young walnuts in Armenia. Shell of young walnuts is actually soft so don't be afraid for your teeth - nuts are soft and juicy with notes of caramel. Will make a good bite with any blue cheese.

10. Happy Halloween Cheese Board.

Five cheeses from the list above. Perfect for small party. Or for a party of one while sipping spiced cider and watching the new Hocus Pocus movie!

Now I feel like you are perfectly equipped and ready to rock and roll on October 31. Trick or Treat?!

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