JUMI Cheese from Switzerland

JUMI was created as a project between two friends, Mike Glauser and Jurg Wyss, to honor and promote the cheesemaking traditions and innovations of Glauser’s family – fifth generation Emmental Valley cheesemakers.

Thriving in the creative environment allowed for by the 1999 dissolution of the Swiss Cheese Union, Glauser and Wyss collaborate with approximately sixty local dairy farmers to make and age complex and unique cheeses like Belper Knolle (“Tuber of Belp”, referring to its truffle-esque appearance), Hansfmutschli (infused with hemp seeds), and Sanglee des Couardises (a diminutive, seasonal Vacherin Mont d’Or style).

Milk production for JUMI cheese is extremely limited – the largest dairy milks just over 40 cows.  The farmers bring milk warm to the dairy where it is promptly inoculated with house cheese cultures, and is always made into cheese within 24 hours. Glauser and Wyss have been selling JUMI cheese since 2006 – at farmer’s markets across Europe, Borough Market Hall in the UK, Japan, and now the USA!

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