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Beemster is a farmer-owned cooperative that was founded in 1901. Yet the story of Beemster actually goes all the way back to the early 17th Century, when the Dutch reclaimed a coastal lagoon and created the nutrient rich pasture that feeds the herds and helps produce some of the finest milk in the world!

Thanks to its unique slate-blue clay soil, the Beemster yields grasses more fertile and rich in minerals and nutrients than others. In fact, the Beemster Polder is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site for its innovation and creativity. 

With the greenest dairy facility, Beemster has modernize production while still retaining the traditional, artisanal methods that capture our legendary flavor and delectable creaminess. Beesmter is also committed to sustainability, ensuring the health and happiness of their cows, their farmers, and the planet. They offer living wages, protect our land, and conserve energy. And they also believe that their cows are a part of their family, and they treat them well! 

Raising happy, healthy cows is at the core of Beemster’s commitment to sustainability. The herds love to graze on these lush pastures and produce the incredibly sweet, creamy, and good-for-you milk - without artificial hormones - to exceptional, award-winning cheese. 

Beemster’s cheeses won multiple distinctions at the 2018 and 2019 World Cheese Awards. Beemster Classic was awarded Super Gold, a designation puts it in the company of only 78 cheeses considered the very best in the world! Paradiso Reserve and Beemster Goat Gouda both received a Gold Award. A Bronze Award went to Beemster XO.

Our collection of Beemster cheeses is always growing, especially as we add their limited production seasonal cheeses (such as Pumpkin Spice) throughout the year. But we still have our favorite Beemster cheeses that we return to time and time again! 

Beemster XO Extra Aged Gouda

Beemster XO Extra Aged GoudaThis robust cheese is renown for its unique and rich flavors of pecan, whiskey, and butterscotch, whiskey. This gouda has a deep ocher interior and a firm, crumbly texture. True to the characteristics of Beemster’s unique milk, the cheese retains a creamy mouthfeel despite its two year aging process. It’s studded with mouthwatering crystals that give a surprising crunch!

Beemster Goat Gouda

beemster goat goudaThis popular, versatile cheese has a pleasantly mild, fresh taste and pure white color. It is made from light, fresh goat's milk and formed into the classic Gouda-style wheels and aged for 4 months developing a refreshing, sweet, and full of flavor with a  creamy smooth texture.


Beemster Noord Hollander





beemster noord hollander aged goudaNoord Hollander is a traditional Gouda from Holland aged for 4 years. Milk for this cheese comes from the rich, green pastures of North Holland. If you like aged Goudas this one is a must. Even thought it is aged for an extended period of time it is still relatively soft with rich caramel flavor and generous amount of crystals we all love in aged cheese.

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