2022 Holiday Shipping Schedule & Order Deadlines


UPS is closed on Monday (January 2) so there will be no shipments made.

First week of January we ship on Tuesday (Jan 3) and Wednesday (Jan 4) only, then we will be closes January 5 - January 10: no shipments, delivery or pick up will be available.

Deadline for orders is 11 am on Tuesday, January 3d.

We resume normal schedule on January 11th.


Thanksgiving Week:

Deadline for Thanksgiving orders: 11.00 AM on Monday, November 21 or depending on availability and complexity of an order*
Thanksgiving week: we will only ship on Monday (CA and outside CA) and Tuesday (California orders only)

Christmas Week:

Deadline for Christmas orders: 11.00 AM on MONDAY, December 19 or depending on availability and complexity of an order*

New Years Week:

UPS is closed on Monday (December 26) so there will be no shipments made.

Deadline for New Years orders: 11.00 AM Tuesday, December 28 or depending on availability and complexity of an order*



*Order Preparation: we slice cheeses and meats to order so it takes time to prepare an order for shipping. Depending on order complicity, it make take up to 48 hours to process orders for shipping. If your order is easy to assemble (let's say, there are two wedges of cheese) it has shorter preparation time. If the order is more complex (with variety of sliced meats, for example) - preparation time is longer as we slice meats especially for you - we don't have anything pre-sliced to ensure freshness.

For example, selecting OVERNIGHT shipping method doesn't indicate that your order will be processed the same day and shipped for next day delivery. But we prioritize shipments with UPS Overnight.

Our shipments are fully insulated and packed with reusable ice packs to ensure freshness.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!