Now Available - Monthly Cheese & Charcuterie Club!

Calling all foodies! We are now offering monthly shipments of hand selected cheese, charcuterie, and other delicacies with the Cheese & Charcuterie Club!

You have the option to try out our club one time or subscribe from monthly shipments for 3, 6, or 12 months. Discover new and intriguing products as well as timeless classics. Each box will feature an assortment of handpicked, luxury products:

  • 3 artisanal cheeses 
  • 1-2 gourmet cured meats or salami 
  • 1 accompaniment 

Our first club shipment includes cheeses such as OG Kristal Gouda. Known to locals in West Belgium as Brokkeloude Roeselare, this gouda has it all: rich creamy texture with a fudgy, perfectly balanced butterscotch sweetness, and large, well-formed crystals that pop like candy in bite after bite.

Another exciting addition to the May club shipment is Moscowskaya Dry Salami, a traditional style of Russian salami named after its capital city. It is a dry, beef salami speckled with just the right amount of pork fat. Moscowskaya salami is gently laced with maple wood smoke for a delicate and juicy taste. Made from the pork shoulder, this cut is salted and hand-rubbed with spice, stuffed in casing and dry-cured whole. The flavor palate is sweet and tangy.

Our monthly Cheese & Charcuterie club is for fromage lovers and salami newbies alike! Whether you’re just diving into the world of deli delicacies or you are an avid connoisseur, our Club box is sure to satisfy your cheese and charcuterie cravings.

Dazzle your friends by serving up these gourmet selections at your next gathering or give the gift of flavor by sending them to a friend. Or savor everything solo for easy and satisfying snacking. However you choose to enjoy, our Cheese & Charcuterie Club box is the best way to get your gourmet fix every month!