New Arrivals May 2020

Depending on where you are in the country, you are several weeks into #quarantinelife. If you are at all like us here at Cured and Cultivated, you will do pretty much anything at this point to break the boredom and add some variety to your day. 

That's why we've been hunting down some fantastic new products to share with you and your fellow zoom happy hour mates! So grab your quarantini cocktail of choice and let us introduce you to our newest arrivals:

Teawurst by Schaller & Weber


Despite its moniker, there's not actually any Earl Grey in this hunk of meat. Tracing its roots back to the mid-1800s, this smoked and cured meat spread became wildly popular in Germany as a tea time snack. Thus, giving it the name (drum roll please) - Teawurst!

The well marbled mix used by Schaller & Weber makes it incredibly smooth and extreme decadent, and our recipe adds a touch of paprika, which pairs with the spread’s smoky flavor for a distinct and delicious treat.

Challerhocker Swiss Cheese

We'll give you three guesses on how to pronounce this Swiss cheese delight.

"challah hock"

"holla! hockey"

"chocker hoppa?"  

No, just kidding, it's simply "holler hocker." That's because Germans are pretty straightforward like that and they actually spell words like they sound unlike us English speaking fools. Chällerhocker translates to "sitting in the cellar," as a result of this semi-hard Swiss cheese being aged over 60 days. Amazingly aromatic with final note of citrus fruit.

German Pumpernickel Bread


We care about your emotional and mental state during this difficult time. So tell us truly, friends. Are you tired of the same old, stale white bread? Do you find yourself in a cracker rut? In need of a little gluten goodness to brighten your mood? Well our best recommendation to pump yourself up is this German Pumpernickel loaf!

Made of rye flour and baked for up to 24 hours, the bread has a dark brown, almost black color. There is very little crust and it is traditionally sliced thin. This dense hearty bread is slightly sweet and sour in taste.

It can be served instead of crackers with cheese, or topped with vegetable spreads, cheese spreads, patés, cured meats and smoked fish. 

We hope we've brought some new inspiration to keep your quarantine fueled up and fascinatingly flavorful. Learn more and shop for these new arrivals and many other of our latest exciting delicacies. Stay safe (and well fed!)