UPS Shopify shipping rates went up by 34%

Yes, you've read it right - 34%. Starting February 11, UPS 2D Day Air Shipping Rates are up by 34%.

Interestingly, we didn't receive any notice about this "slightly adjusted" price. I remember, last year (and a year before) when UPS was getting ready to rise shipping rates by 3 - 5% I got a price increase notice from Shopify support. They emailed it 3 month prior to price hike, saying something like "please, be ready, we don't want you to miss this important information, we care about you". That was considered of Shopify.

This year we had no notice. After realizing that elevated prices are here to stay (like inflation, apparently), I reached out to Shopify Support. And the answer was kind of funny. First, Shopify representative "was checking with pricing department" for about 20 minutes my pricing issue. Then, they asked me to give them an example of a shipment, which I did. I ship monthly clubs so it is easy to see how shipping rates jumped in February comparing to January. After 30 minutes of investigation, I got the simple answer: "Shopify just gets rates from UPS, we get what we get and it is UPS you have to complain to". Statement of a multi-billion company. Well done, Shopify.

For a full disclosure, UPS Ground rates have changed insignificantly.