Your Guide To Grilling Cheese!

Yes, you read that right! We are here to talk about grilling cheese, not grilled cheese - the sandwich. The custom of grilling cheese is popular in many different countries, such as Greece and Brazil. A semi-soft cheese with a high melting point is grilled it until browned on the outside and softened on the inside. It is often speared on skewers as a easy street food fix or included in the mix of a festive barbecue offering. Adding it to your summer bbq line up is a must!

When it comes to grilling cheese, thickness, hardness, and melting point are all important factors. The cheese's high melting point helps it to hold its form and to create the ideal texture: crisp or crunchy at the exterior, then slightly runny or creamy inside.

Ideal for a summer gathering, grilling cheese can be served like kabobs, cubed to enjoy in a salad, added to sandwiches, or loaded in a pita with red onion, lettuce, tomatoes, and a tangy tzatziki sauce.

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Preparation and Cooking Instructions:

Brush cheese lightly olive oil, let it sit for a few minutes, then place over a medium- to high-heat grill. Sear one side until brown. Brown the other side by flipping it over. Make sure the cheese is cooked on the inside by flipping it a few more times. Keep an eye out for burning as softer cheese will cook faster.

Our Favorite Grilling Cheeses:


If you are new to grilling cheese, the best place to start would be with Halloumi. This cheese is produced on the island of Cyprus and is a salty, semi-hard goat's and sheep's milk cheese blend. When fried up on the grill or in a skillet, the exterior turns crispy and golden-brown, while the inside softens without melting, for a pleasantly chewy bite.

Carr Valley Bread Cheese

An American grilling cheese to try would be the delicious Bread Cheese from Carr Valley. This Wisconsin company was inspired by the Finnish leipäjuusto bread cheese. The cows milk cheese is been oven-baked until brown and crusty which gives it a delightful note of French toast when grilled. Also referred to as ‘squeaky cheese’ for the noise the cheese makes when eaten. Carr Valley makes several variations such a Pizza Bread Cheese, Garlic Bread Cheese, and Jalapeno flavor.

BonFire Marinated Bread Cheese

Award-winning Bon·Fire Marinated Cheese is a feta-style, 100% cow’s milk cheese with an exceptionally crispy exterior and and creamy texture when baked, grilled or broiled. Seasoned with a marinade of basil, ginger, chives, oregano, parsley, thyme and onions. It even comes in a ready-to-cook aluminum tray that makes it so convenient to throw on the grill!