Camembert Ile De France, 8 oz


by Ile De France. Product of France.

Camembert is a traditional, farmhouse style  cheese with a creamy and soft texture. Made from cow's milk, Camembert has a bloomy rind that balances not only texture, it serves to provide a subtle contrast to the savory interior and helps give it its smooth consistency.

The history of Camembert is fascinating; it started life around the time of the French Revolution as a dry, yellow brown cheese made for her family by Marie Harel, a farmer's wife. In 1855, a daughter of Marie offered one of the cheese to Napolean and told him it came from Camembert. The name stuck and as innovations in transportation and cheese storage advanced in the mid-late 1800s, Camembert became well known throughout France.

Today, hundreds of producers in Normandy are permitted to make AOC Camembert, The finest have a fragrant aroma and taste of wild mushroom soup with a slightly yeasty and almost meaty taste.

If you are wondering: Brie vs. Camembert. What's the Difference? While both cheese have a white, flowery rind, Camembert has only 45% milk fat and when very ripe, can have a runny interior. Camembert can be on the funkier, earthy side with flavors of mushrooms and hay. 

Camembert is solely a table cheese meant to elevate your cheese board. Using it for any other culinary purpose would be sacrilege. Suggested wine pairing: Champagne and Chenin Blanc

Ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk, salt, cheese cultures, coagulant. Contains milk.

NET WT 8 oz

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