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Comté Cheese Sampler

Product of France.

A Comté cheese sampler featuring 12, 24, and 36-month varieties offers a journey through aging. The 12-month cheese is creamy and mild, perfect for a gentle introduction. The 24-month variety becomes firmer and nuttier, with emerging fruity notes and subtle crunch from crystals. Finally, the 36-month Comté, with its deep, rich flavors and grainy texture, showcases intense nuttiness and hints of caramel, providing a robust finale to this delightful tasting experience.

Total weight is around 1 lb. (5-6 oz. of each)


Sale price$42.75

Pickup currently unavailable at Cured&Cultivated Paso Robles, CA

Comté Cheese Sampler- Cured and Cultivated

Comté Cheese Sampler

Cured&Cultivated Paso Robles, CA

Pickup currently unavailable

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