Hoch Ybrig


By Rolf Beeler. Product of Kussnacht, Switzerland.

Hoch Ybrig is a classic Swiss mountain cheese made from raw cow’s milk, patterned after Switzerland’s famous Gruyere. Hoch Ybrig is produced by one dairy using raw cow’s milk from several small, local herds of Simmental cow’s. In the spirit of the traditional Swiss mountain cheese, Hoch Ybrig is a cooked, pressed curd cheese, which allows for the expelling of whey creating a dense tight texture, representative of the mountain cheeses. 

Throughout the maturation process the wheels are washed with a brine solution containing a white wine, yielding a residual sweetness in the finished cheese. During maturation, the interior of the cheese darkens and becomes more complex, with a light “tang” and subtle caramel note. The beauty of this cheese rests in its ability to compliment Gruyere, and yet develop its own personality through the fine balancing of salt, acidity and distinctive butterscotch notes.

Ingredients: raw cow's milk, salt, animal rennet, enzymes.

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