Limburger, 6.4 oz

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by St. Mang. Product of Germany.

Traditional semi-soft, washed-rind, part skim cow’s milk cheese. Reminiscent of Italian Talegio when young. Flavor becomes stronger as cheese matures.
The aroma is unmistakable - powerful, outspoken, and impossible to ignore. The yellow interior hints at sweetness, but the overwhelming taste is spicy and aromatic, almost meaty. Despite its robust nature, Limburger has its limits and passes these if it is allowed to become runny, with a slimy find. It is best when the texture is firm, yet yielding.

Limburger undoubtedly originated with the cheese-loving Trappist monks in Belgium, but was hijacked by German cheesemakers in the nineteenth century. It is now so popular that most Germans and even Belgians believe it to be a German cheese.

This cheese ripens in six to twelve weeks and has a fat content that fluctuates between 20 and 50 percent.

Ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk, salt, microbial enzymes, bacterial cultures, ripening cultures. Contains milk.

NET WT 6.4 oz (180 gr) Brick shape.

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