Paški Sir


by Paška Sirana. Product of Croatia.

Paški Sir is the most famous cheese in Croatia. Hailing from the island of Pag, it is produced from a unique breed of small sheep, paska ovca, known for their intensely salty and limited milk output. ⁣

Paški Sir is a hard, aged cheese matured for a minimum to 1.5 years. Beneath the thin rind, the pate varies from light to dark yellow depending on age. The texture alters from dry to flaky with the addition of pleasant graininess.⁣

It offers a characteristic flavor derived by rubbing the cheese with olive oil and ash, before it’s left for maturing. There is quite a bit of lingering salty with savory tanginess and aromatic herbal taste. Sweet notes become more pronounced with aging, bringing out butterscotch tones.⁣

Paški Sir tastes best when served with grapes, prosciutto, and wildflower honey.

Ingredients: pasteurized sheep's milk, cheese cultures, salt, rennet.

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