Tete De Moine


by Fromage de Bellelay. Product of Switzerland. 

Tete De Moine is a classic semi-soft Swiss cheese with a strong flavor.

It is often thought that the name of this cheese - which translates as “head of the monk” - derived from its shape, but there is a rather more prosaic explanation. The cheese was originally called Bellelay, after a monastery in the Jura Mountains. Following the French Revolution it was renamed Tete-de-Moine, after the monks who made it.

Tete-de-Moine has a strong, earthy flavor. It is usually served in thick strips or ruffles, made by passing it through a special machine called a girolle. The ruffles are used to garnish salads, platters of cooked meats and other dishes.

Ingredients: raw cow's milk, rennet, cheese cultures.

Approx 1.7 lb wheel.

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