Tomme Thomasville


by Sweet Grass Diary. Product of USA.

Tomme Thomasville is an American cheese produced in Georgia. The cheese is named after the town where the dairy is located and is inspired by the Tomme cheese of the French Pyrenees.⁣

Sweet Grass Dairy uses the freshest raw milk from Jersey cows, which contributes to complex flavors of salted butter with savory undertones and a tangy finish. It's aged for at least 60 days, and underneath its natural rind, the texture is semi-firm and open.⁣

The aromas are rich and earthy, while the flavors are savory, tangy, smooth, salty, buttery, and grassy.⁣

We recommend pairing it with a glass of Beaujolais or a Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara County.

Ingredients: unpasteurized grass-based cow's milk, cultures, traditional rennet, sea salt.

Approximately 6 lb wheel.

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