Farmdal Gouda


by Kaasboerderij ‘T Groendal. Product of Belgium.

Farmdal (Antwerp, Belgium) – From the same producers as the wildly successful OG Kristal, comes a new line of Goudas produced by the Deweer family.

Working out of their newly rebuilt dairy, the family employs the same milk from neighboring farms as they do with the OG Kristal. However, with this line of Goudas, they have adjusted the cultures used in the make to better suit cheeses that are matured over a shorter time frame.

The middle age profile in the Farmdal line, is matured to just over five months. Its texture leans closer to the rich, creamy mouthfeel of the Young Farmdal, but more evolved. The flavor profile has classic Gouda notes that everyone loves, sweet and caramel like, with subtle fruit undertones.

Ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk, sea salt (brine), microbial (vegetarian) rennet, lysozyme, lactic acid bacteria. 

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